Questions About The A Course In Miracles Teaching

Basic question about what A Course In Miracles teaches. What is it's metaphysical theory? What are it's religious implications? How is it similar to other spiritual teachings? How is it different?

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1 What Is A Course In Miracles' Main Teaching? 4308
2 What Does It Mean That ACIM Is A Metaphysical Teaching? 3534
3 Is A Course In Miracles A Christian Teaching? 3329
4 Isn't ACIM Very Similar To Unity, Christian Science Or Religious Science? 9779
5 Does ACIM Teach We Are God? 1495
6 What Is An Idol? Can ACIM Itself Be An Idol? 1430
7 Isn't The Real World Heaven? 1301
8 Why Does It Seem So Hard To Remember We're Divine? 994
9 How Did We Create The World? 1275
10 ACIM Talks Frequently About Our Creations. What Are They? 1386
11 What Does It Mean That Words Are Symbols Of Symbols 1370
12 What Does It Mean That ACIM Is Not About Behavior? 1391