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Friday, 05 March 2021 22:30

All Miracles Are the Same

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Dear Miracle Workers,
Do you make hierarchies of your miracles? Do you define fear as more prevalent, or deeper, or more terrifying in certain circumstances than at other times? I do. It is this I feel I am learning. “There is no order of difficulty in miracles, for they are all the same.” (OrEd.Tx.19.44). Of course this idea is mentioned throughout the Course. I chose this quote because of the second part. “For they are all the same.” There is only one miracle. That miracle is the removal of fear to reveal the love that is already there.
I sometimes feel situations or people are more difficult at times than at other times, but that’s merely because I’m unwilling to ask for a miracle. I still believe in differences. I’m now beginning to remember that there are no exceptions to applying these ideas. There is no hierarchy. I made that up. Since I made it up I can ask Spirit to help me let it go. The easiest way is to apply the lessons to every situation and to everyone. Spirit waits only for our willingness to see things differently. In the new year with the early lessons I can easily see that there is no hierarchy in any situation, event or personality. “Thoughts are not big or little, powerful or weak. They are merely true or false.” (OrEd.W1.16.1) I am willing to dispose of the idea of hierarchies. I was wrong, and I’m so glad to remember that! “Make this year different by making it all the same.” (OrEd.Tx.15.112)
(originally published in Miracles Weekly #271, Jan. 27, 2021)
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Rev. Joanie Schaeffer-Goss

Rev. Joanie Schaeffer-Goss is CMC Minister #71. She was ordained on Feb. 16, 2014. She co-facilitates the "Southern Spirit Sisters" Fri. 4 p.m. (Pac.) Zoom! meeting. Zoom ID: 9424 662 0530