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May 28, 29, 30, 2021
(Fri. – Sun. 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Pacific) 
May 27: Special VIP-only reception

(Thu. 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. Pacific)

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A 3-day live, virtual event designed to move you further and faster on your spiritual path!


Get 365 days of purpose, clarity, direction, and results from just 3 days!

10 Event Presenters


It’s NOT a webinar and it’s NOT a summit! At this LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT you’ll:

Uncover hidden beliefs that are sabotaging your dreams;

Discover how to unlock your power to heal yourself and those you love;

 Find out how your life’s experience can bring light and guidance to others;

Map out a Personal Transformation Plan;

 Grow with guidance from: Marianne Williamson, Gary & Cindy Renard, Jon Mundy, Maureen Muldoon, Lisa Natoli, Robert Perry & Emily Bennington, Dr. Bob Rosenthal, Rev. Tony Ponticello, Tom Garcia, Rev. Deb Canja, and more;

and get valuable box of Miracle Gifts delivered right to your door!

Experience what ACIM can do for your life!
Discover how to: be more, do more, have more & make more . . .
more happiness, more abundance, more health & more peace.

Join us for a transformative weekend!

We just added three new presenters.
Spiritual channel for Master Jesus: Erin Galito (left) and ...
Practitioner of "The Work" by Byron Katie, Evie Gibbens (center)
Best Selling author of The Power of 8 Lynne McTaggart (right)

General Admission: $125
VIP: $225

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VIP – Get these Amazing VIP Benefits!
 Green room access to personally meet and chat with Marianne Williamson, Gary and Cindy Renard, Jon Mundy, Maureen Muldoon, Dr. Bob Rosenthal of the Foundation for Inner Peace, Robert Perry and Emily Bennington of the Circle of Atonement, Lisa Natoli of the Teachers of God Foundation, Rev. Tony Ponticello and more!

A special, VIP-only, pre-event reception - only for VIPs and Presenters!

The recordings of this amazing event so you can view and review them again and again!

A dedicated VIP concierge for quick and easy registration!

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(All of our Presenters are donating their time and energies as a gift to CMC and the ACIM community, and appearing without compensation.)


Marianne Williamson is a bestselling author, political activist and spiritual thought leader. Having begun her teaching career introducing others to A Course in Miracles, she has been a leader in spiritual and religiously progressive circles for over three decades. She is the author of 14 books, four of which have been best sellers, including A Return to Love. She has also worked throughout her career on poverty, anti-hunger and racial reconciliation issues, founding Project Angel Food, which has served over 13 million meals to persons battling critical illness beginning with victims of HIV/AIDS. A candidate in the 2020 presidential primary season, she advocated reparations for slavery, a U.S. Department of Peace, and a Department of Children and Youth to address childhood trauma. This year she is offering a daily reading and commentary on the 365 Workbook lessons for Course students.

Jon Mundy PhD. is an author, lecturer, the publisher of Miracles magazine, and the Director of the Miracles Studies Program for All Faiths Seminary in New York City. The author of 10 books, his newest book is A Course in Mysticism and Miracles. His previous book, Living a Course in Miracles has become a perennial bestseller and now exists in 8 languages. He has also produced over 140 YouTube presentations on A Course in Miracles. Jon met Dr. Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course in Miracles in 1973. Helen introduced Jon to the Course and served as his counselor until her illness in 1980.

Gary Renard is the bestselling author of The Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality, Love Has Forgotten No One, and the newly released The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other. Once a successful professional guitar player and singer, during the harmonic convergence of 1987 he heard a calling and began to take his life in a spiritual direction. Now his books are in 26 languages, and he has created a TV series based on them. Today he lectures internationally, combining a disarming sense of humor with radical, cutting-edge metaphysical teachings. He appears in numerous media, including radio and print interviews, documentaries, YouTube videos and CD’s. He and his wife Cindy Lora-Renard have together created a music CD and a meditation CD, and frequently appear together in Course presentations.

Cindy Lora-Renard is an international speaker on A Course in Miracles, and the author of A Course in Health and Well-Being, now published in six languages, and her newly released best-selling book, The Business of Forgiveness.  In addition, she has a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.  She has been traveling the world with her husband, Gary Renard, helping to introduce the teachings of A Course in Miracles to many countries.  Together, Cindy and Gary also teach online classes on the Course every month.  Cindy uses her knowledge of A Course in Miracles, as well as in music and psychology, as “healing” tools to help others awaken from the dream of separation to the “higher” octaves of life.

Dr. Robert Rosenthal is co-president of the Foundation for Inner Peace, first publisher of A Course in Miracles. He was a close friend of Bill Thetford, Ph.D., ‘co-scribe’ of the Course, and has been a dedicated student of the Course since 1975. Dr. Rosenthal, a practicing board-certified psychiatrist, was a professor of psychiatry at the U.C. San Francisco School of Medicine, and at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. He is the author of From Plagues to Miracles, and From Never-Mind to Ever-Mind.

Lisa Natoli is a teacher, healer and author of the best-selling book Gorgeous for God. Her life was transformed by A Course in Miracles and resulted in healing her depression, addiction, and alcoholism. She is the co-founder of the Teachers of God Foundation, which is dedicated to encouraging, inspiring, and supporting individuals through the transformation from fear to love, through retreats, workshops and online programs including: the 40-Day Program for Transformation, Living in Purpose, and Guide to 365: The Workbook Lessons of A Course in Miracles. She recently joined with husband Bill Free to create a new course called Living in Oneness. Lisa says, “It is my joy to share the practices that have worked for me because no one needs to suffer or be sick. I have found that if you have a willingness to forgive and to see things differently, you can change your life.

Maureen Muldoon describes herself as a spiritual Pied Piper, shameless storyteller and spiritual teacher who is transforming the way people think of church, sex, spirituality, and creativity. “I listen for the miracles that live beneath the mundane and assist you in seeing, sharing, and living your most engaged, impactful, and unapologetic story.” At SpeakEasy Spiritual Community, Voice Box Stories, Miracles LIVE, 365, Spiritual Swag-Her, and Maiden Voyage, the Movement, the common theme is “expressing the truth.” She and her team are passionate about helping people and organizations express their raw-thentic truth. Maureen is an actress, a new lyricist, storyteller, poet, producer, and she sings!

Robert Perry, editor of the Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles, is one of the Course’s most respected teachers. He began teaching the Course in 1986 and has shared its insight with students throughout North America and around the world. Robert’s teaching grows out of his dedication to the Course as his own path and his desire to assist others in their own spiritual development. Robert is the founder of the Circle of Atonement and the author or coauthor of more than 20 books and booklets, as well as hundreds of articles based on the Course. Editing this new edition of the Course was a 10 year labor of love.

Emily Bennington is executive director of the Circle of Atonement where she leads initiatives, including Course Companions, that bridge the Course’s unparalleled wisdom with practical application. Prior to joining the Circle, Emily led training programs on spiritual intelligence and mindful leadership for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Emily is the author of three books, including Miracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence.

Evie Karen Gibbens is a long time student of A Course in Miracles, Evie is also a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. Evie brings her experience in business management, suicide and bereavement counseling, and as a mother and grandmother to her practice of using The Work as a mindful meditation for herself and others. Based in the United Kingdom, Evie offers sessions via phone or Skype and also offers a monthly inquiry evening to bring together all those who share an interest in ACIM and The Work.

Erin Galito, as a child, was caught in the duality of knowing this plane of existence is an illusion and, at the same time, believing it to be real. As a young child, she began channeling through automatic writing, and as a teenager, she began to hear her guides saying, “Wake up, Erin!” Eventually she had full clairvoyant vision and could see holographic images of Light beings. Having agreed before coming into this life to be a channel for these Light beings, she recorded these channelings and created her book, Essays of the Light: Channeled Guidance for Your Ascension. She is a minister in the Sanctuary of the Beloved Church in Conesus NY, and continues to channel on a daily basis.

Tom Garcia is a shamanic teacher and spiritual guide with a unique gift for helping you quickly and easily clear away the blocks that keep you from reaching your dreams and experiencing peace and happiness now. He has been a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles for over 35 years. With the help of mystical guides he calls the Teachers, Tom gently helps you uncover the light within to strengthen your own inner guidance, and clear the way to fulfilling your dreams and desires.

Rev. Tony Ponticello is the co-founder and executive minister of the Community Miracles Center, a role he has now held for 35 years. He is also a gifted chef and tarot card reader! “I want ACIM students to know they have a home here and that they have support; that they have something here they can connect with to be happy and to feel love and joy and warmth and light. I also think that people need to know that healing is real and practical and that you can manifest it in your life. In order to really feel joy, you’ve got to be able to relax and know that whatever happens, somehow you’re going to be ok through it.” He is the author of After Enlightenment.

Deb Canja is a best-selling author, attorney, founder and CEO of Bridges4Kids, a non-profit organization providing parents with information to help kids from birth to college, and a long-time student of A Course in Miracles. Her book, Swim the Lake Before You Row the Boat: Awaken a Boy’s Success Mindset, Unleash His Confidence and Give Him the Foundation for a Great Life applies core ACIM principles to parenting young boys and preparing them for a life of success. She provides private coaching and, as a CMC Associate Minister, leads classes in ACIM.