156th Meeting of the CMC Board of Directors (** Public Copy)
November 1, 2015 / 12:45 p.m. (Special Interim Meeting)

Members Present: (10) Rev. Vincent Fuqua, Rev. Judy Junghans, Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Rev. Tedosio Samora, Rev. Roxie Benson, Rev. Peter Graham, Rev. Charles Mawson, Rev. Daniel Tipton, Rev. Rudy Colombini.
Members Absent: (0)

Regular order of business suspended since this is a special meeting to address specific topics.

Conference update for 2016 Conference in Las Vegas

The current numbers of tickets sold for the conference is 383, but Rev. Tony has been informed that some of those blocks have not sold many of their tickets. The tickets could be returned for half price and then we have potentially many unsold tickets. Another concern is the contract with the Rio Hotel that CMC signed. It has a larger commitment for Rooms than New York. The room block is for 1400 room nights. We are responsible to fill 80% of this which means 1,120 room nights. We made this contract based on an expectation of 500 to 600 attendees. We also realize that our initial pricing was too low at $399 and we sold way more of these tickets than anticipated. The AV fee is also going to be much higher than the price we payed in NYC and Chicago. Rev. Rudy, who has extensive experience in the hotel industry, is going to handle renegotiating the contract with the Rio, given the reality that our attendance numbers are not what we had projected.

There was an overview of the CMC’s current finances in the face of the upcoming cost of the Las Vegas Conference.

There was further discussion about how to boost conference attendance for Las Vegas. It was agreed to consider extending the current $499 price beyond the current deadline and/or changing the subsequent price increases. We will reconsider our options when we meet again on 11/22/15.

The Executive Minster, Rev. Tony’s, Health Issue:

Rev. Tony communicated to the Board that he was having health issues that were impairing his ability to function at his normal efficiency. He reported what he was doing to meet this challenge. He was still making it into work everyday. The Board expressed concern and abundant love and support. All saw Rev. Tony getting through his health challenge soon. Rev. Judy, Rev. Roxie, Rev. Dusa Althea, Rev. Brad Pethoud, & Rev. John Williams are helping with the office work, especially until we can get a full time Assistant Minister.

Filing The Position of Assistant Minister

Rev. Roxie expressed an interest in the Assistant Minister job. She would not be able to start until next summer but could work on some weekends until then. It was the consensus that someone needed to be hired as soon as possible that the work load was too large and a conference was coming. There was a discussion about whether to hire Rev. Kelly Hallock as the new Assistant Minister. There was a discussion about the interview that was conducted, and her assets and skills. There was also a discussion about her pay and the schedule for that pay. Much of Rev. Kelly’s pay can be considered a parsonage allowance and wouldn’t need to be taxed.

Motion: Offer Rev. Kelly the job at the compensation rate of $2,500 per month. This would be be paid in two halves, $1,250 at the middle of the month, and $1,250 at the end of the month. Approved

Rev. Paul Wants To Teach ACIM-2 On Saturday Morning:

Several of Rev. Paul’s ACIM-1 students want to take ACIM-2 with him. He can do a class on Saturday morning.
Motion: Rev. Paul Marinkovich to teach an ACIM-2 class on Saturday Morning at 8:00 a.m. starting in January 2016. Unanimous.

Meeting Adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted: Rev. Peter Graham, Secretary

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