CYM-CTW Logo26 Presenters: "Change Your Mind / Change the World"
Apr. 8, 9, & 10, 2016.

Held at The Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV
Price INCLUDES 4 all you can eat buffet meals,
all the presentations,
Sat. night dance party (live band), & Sun. Finale celebration.

The 26 Presenters are 13 Women & 13 Men (gender parity) 9 New to Las Vegas Conference (36% new from last year's New York City Conference)
Wow!!! All these Presenters are at ONE A Course In Miracles Conference!
It must be HUGE! (Yep!)

  • Rudy Colombini

    Rudy Colombini Music Guest
    & the Unauthorized Rolling Stones

  • Regina Dawn Akers

    Regina Dawn Akers
    Awakening Together

  • Rev. Jerry Cusimano

    Rev. Jerry Cusimano
    Course In Miracles Society (CIMS)

  • DavidPaul & Candace Doyle

    DavidPaul & Candace Doyle
    The Voice for Love

  • Rev. Maria Felipe

    Rev. Maria Felipe

  • David Fishman & Veronica Gabrielle Labarrie

    David Fishman &
    Veronica Gabrielle La Barrie

    One Mind Foundation

  • Lisa Natoli & Bill Free

    Lisa Natoli & Bill Free
    Teachers of God Foundation

  • Rev. Jennifer Hadley

    Rev. Jennifer Hadley

  • David Hoffmeister

    David Hoffmeister

  • Rev. Myron Jones & Rev. Larry Glenz

    Rev. Myron Jones
    & Rev. Larry Glenz

    Pathways of Light

  • Yasuko Kasaki

    Yasuko Kasaki
    Center for Remembering and Sharing

  • Mary Gerard Lenihan

    Mary Gerard Lenihan
    Pause for Inspiration

  • Greg Mackie

    Greg Mackie
    Circle of Atonement

  • Maureen Muldoon

    Maureen Muldoon

  • Jon Mundy PhD

    Jon Mundy PhD.
    Miracles Magazine

  • Mari Perron

    Mari Perron
    A Course Of Love

  • Rev. Tony Ponticello

    Rev. Tony Ponticello
    Community Miracles Center

  • Earl Raj Purdy

    Earl "Raj" Purdy

  • Amy Torres

    Amy Torres

  • James Twyman

    James Twyman
    Peace Troubadour

  • Corrine Zupko<br />& Craig Villarubia

    Corrinne Zupko
    & Craig Villarubia


As of Apr. 1, 2016, Tickets must be purchased at the full/door price of $699.

There are no refunds at this time.

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“Herein lies your ultimate release. Change but your mind on what you want to see,
and all the world must change accordingly.” (OrEd.WkBk.132.5)

Rio Hotel & Pool

Just like the CMC's conferences in Chicago and New York City we will be organizing tourist activities:
... all day and night Thu. Apr. 7,
... in the morning and early afternoon of Fri. Apr. 8,
... in the afternoon and evening of Apr. 10,
... all day Mon. Apr. 11.
Please come day(s) early and stay day(s) after and make a vacation of your trip. The low room price will extend to your extra days. Take a ride on Las Vegas' newest attraction the "High Roller." It's the world's tallest "Ferris Wheel." It's 55 stories tall! Rev. Tony and Rev. Dusa Althea rode it when they visited in August, 2015. Rev. Tony took these panorama shots below from the top - 55 stories high. It's AWESOME! It takes 30 minutes to go around once.

Panoramic View from the Top of the High Roller 2
Panoramic View from the Top of the High Roller 2

Panoramic Views from the Top of The High Roller -- 550 feet tall! Cars hold 40 people!

Of course Las Vegas is the PERFECT place to practice the profound A Course In Miracles lesson, "I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me." (OrEd.WkBk.201)

"Strong  The Bubble Woman