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Prayer for One Love

We are Your beloved Son. We are One, there is no distance between us. “Whoever says, 'there is no gap between my mind and yours' has kept God’s promise, not his tiny oath to be forever faithful unto death. And by his healing is his brother healed.” (OrEd.Tx.28.58) Our light shines in Your glory. “Your glory is the light that saves the world.” (OrEd.WkBk.191.12) Your Will is our business, our only business. Your Will is our only command.

You created Your Son as You are. You, Father, Abba are Love. “This sacred Son of God is like Yourself — the mirror of his Father’s love for you, the soft reminder of his Father’s love by which he was created and which still abides in him, as it abides in you.” (OrEd.Tx.29.33) We love as You love, in perfect peace, as One. Amen.