147th Meeting - 05.11.2014

147th Meeting of the CMC Board of Directors (** Public Copy)
May 11, 2014 / 12:45 p.m.

Members Present (8): Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Vincent Fuqua, Rev. Tedosio Samora, Rev. Marci Benson, Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Rev. Peter Graham, Rev. Charles Mawson, Rev. Daniel Tipton
Members Absent (2): Rev. Rudy Colombini, Rev. Judy Junghans

Minutes from 146th meeting read and accepted as amended. Unanimous

Financial Reports:

Profit and Loss: Jan. 2014 to Mar. 2014 (2014 to date)
Income $33,445.05 Expenses $38,058.68 Income Overspent ($4,613.63)
Equity Report: Mar. 31, 2014
Current $58,155.95 Jan. 1, 2014 $66,839.55 Loss of Equity ($4,727.82)

Supporting Member Report:

Currently 113 Supporting Members-- $6,039.33 /month, $53.45/member
Net loss of 1 member/gain of $91.67/month pledged.
Gained (1): Ana Barr
Lost (2): Sharon Randall, Rose Mary Cheek

Rev. Tony shared feedback from 6 former Supporting Members in response to from questionnaire. (copy in minutes binder)

Old Business:

Rev. Rudy paid final $538.13 for the remodel for the CMC.

New Business :

We Ordained 5 New CMC Ministers
2 on Apr. 20, 2014, at CMC
#74 Rev. Brooke Banwer <-- Recommend For Associate Minister
#75 Rev. Barb McKinstry <-- Recommend For Associate Minister
3 on May 4, 2014 via telephone conference call
#76 Rev. Kimmy Scarpine
#77 Rev. Pat Mawson <-- Recommend For Associate Minister
#78 Rev. Mark Griffith
Motion: Rev. Brooke Banwer, Rev. Barb McKinstry, Rev. Pat Mawson as Associate Ministers. Unanimous

Conference Update:
“A Present Love” has been chosen as the conference theme. Thank you committee. We have signed both contracts for Hotel Pennsylvania. Dates will be April 17,18,19, 2015. Room price is $179.00 (rooms with 1 bed), $199 (rooms with 2 beds). Catering Cost is $233.10/person (four meals) Start cost: $449 when launched on June 2, 2014. Early offer of $399 ($30 more than Chicago) Proposed schedule of price increases discussed.

Sunday Service:
Increase in attendance and contributions. Rev. Rudy has donated new sound equipment. Thank You! Speakers and Miracle Share people are getting better. Rev. Tony proposed Guidelines for Speaking at the CMC Sunday Service. Some discussion about the guidelines for speakers and if a speaker needs to have had some training with Rev. Tony.
Motion to accept Sunday Speaker Guidelines (copy in minutes binder). Passes: 6 in favor, 1 opposed.

Web Project:
We are going to put online every article ever published on Miracles Monthly. Rev. Tony and Rev. Heather will collaborate on this. Once complete our web site would be most extensive resource for written ACIM material with many notable authors. Rev. Tony has been a prolific A Course in Miracles writer and this would make his work available. He may be the most prolific author next to Ken Wapnick and perhaps Robert Perry. Currently 27 years of writings.

Class Report:
The Way of Mastery class is starting strong with 10 students. Rev. Marci is proposing a Tuesday night The Way of Mastery Class at 5:30 p.m. Board is willing to tentatively approve Rev. Marci’s class, once she has developed a common curriculum with Rev. Heather. The launch time for our mid-year ACIM text Class will be the first week of July. This class will be taught by Rev. Dusa Althea when it begins.

New Computer:
Rev. Tony proposed that we need to upgrade our office computers and he will inform us when we are ready to purchase one. Miracles Monthly We are now working on our May issue of Miracles Monthly. We will be caught up for the first time in a year.

Meeting adjourned at 1:55 p.m.

Next Meeting, the 148th, Scheduled Sunday July 20, 2014 at 12:45 p.m. Pacific.

Respectfully Submitted Rev. Peter Graham Secretary

**Infrequently, the CMC may generalize certain items and/or names, or may eliminate an item altogether, that might be embarrassing and/or painful for a particular person and/or institution from the "Public Copy" of the Minutes. The "Legal Copy" of the minutes, held at the CMC office, may therefore be slightly different than the "Public Copy." The CMC guarantees that, to the best of it's ability, the "Public Copy" of the minutes contains no inaccurate or misleading information.