143rd Meeting of the CMC Board of Directors
September 15, 2013 / 12:45 p.m. (Pacific) Public Copy **

Directors Present (8): Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Tedosio Samora, Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Rev. Vincent Fuqua, Rev. Daniel Tipton, Rev. Judy Junghans, Rev. Peter Graham, Rev. Charles Mawson
Directors Absent (2): Rev. Marci Benson, Rev. Rudy Colombini

Minutes from 142nd CMC Board meeting were read and accepted as read.


Financial Reports:

There was no new quarterly report.

Full Accounting of 2013 Conference was presented

Total Income: $183,299.70     Total Expenses:  $169, 527.60     Income Remaining: $13, 772.10
CMC profit from the conference:     $35,612.94
$33,000.00 Management Fee, $2,436.39 promotional credits, $176.55 unclaimed credits
Number of attendees: 395

Supporting Member Report:

Currently 111 Supporting Members -- $5,253 / month, $47.32/ member
Net gain of 4 members, but a loss of $191 / month pledged.
Gained (6): Charles Owen Baldwin, Rev. Jim Johnson, Blair Mansur, Brenda Culbertson, Rev. Greg Mishaga, Tom Whitmore
Lost (2): Rev. John Feit, Jane Freeman


Old Business

Painting and Remodeling Project:
Still need to present Rev. Rudy with $200 bill for handyman. Still need to purchase the white tables. Rev. Rudy okayed them.


New Business

Looking for an Assistant Minister/Employee
Job description: Are we limiting the pool by requiring the Assistant Minister to be a CMC or Course Minister?  We need to have someone who can learn everything that Rev. Tony does with the hope of carrying the mission of the CMC beyond Rev. Tony’s work/life span.  Job announcement and description approved. Rev. Tony will send out tomorrow.

Status 2015 Conference
The Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC has been contacted.This hotel hosted the 2003 ACIM Conference. Rev. Tony is negotiating with them and the costs of food and rooms are higher. Other Hotels in NYC are very high. Rev. Tony still open top other options. St. Louis is still an option and we are considering this at a point. The cost issue was discussed. Rev. Vincent suggested that we should choose one location and go from there. The Hotel Pennsylvania has been suggested by Jon Mundy and David Fishman. New York City / Manhattan was discussed as the next location.

Motion: The next conference should be in New York City / Manhattan. Motion passes.
5 yay, 1 nay, 1 abstain

Carrying The Way of Mastery In The Bookstores
Rev. Tony gives short background on the author Jon Marc Hammer.  The Way of Mastery book is not affiliated with Jon Marc Hammer. Shanti Christo Foundation publishes this book.
Motion: CMC should carry The Way of  Mastery in the CMC's ACIM Bookstore. Unanimous

Should Urtext Class Become Equivalent ACIM-1?
Rev. Judy thinks the Urtext class should "accredited," or be equivalent an ACIM-1 class. This would make successful graduates "Practitioners" and entitle them to go on to ACIM-2. It would need different agreements with homework required. This would be a 2 year class.
Motion: Make a two year Urtext class, equal the 1 year ACIM-1 class. Motion passes.
5 yay, 1 nay, 1 abstain

Sal Dossani Joins ACIM-2
ACIM-2 project discussed. Sal will come one Sunday a month and post on the Supporting Member Facebook group on a regular (weekly) basis. We should provide him with guidelines for the function. Sal's Ministerial Project is accepted.

Sunday Service Discussion
[Name withheld] wanted to give a talk at CMC. He wanted to give a "compatible" talk to ACIM, but it wouldn’t be directly based on ACIM.  He also did not want to work with Rev. Tony on the talk and presentation, and he did not want to not talk behind the podium. Agreed upon guidelines will be worked on by Rev. Tony. He will propose to the Board of Directors.


Meeting Adjourned at 2:00 p.m.
Next Meeting Nov. 17, 2013, 12:45 p.m. (Pacific)


Respectfully Submitted: Rev. Peter Graham, Secretary

**Infrequently, the CMC may generalize certain items and/or names, or may eliminate an item altogether, that might be embarrassing and/or painful for a particular person and/or institution from the "Public Copy" of the Minutes. The "Legal Copy" of the minutes, held at the CMC office, may therefore be slightly different than the "Public Copy." The CMC guarantees that, to the best of it's ability, the "Public Copy" of the minutes contains no inaccurate or misleading information.