140th Meeting - 03.17.2013


140th Meeting of the CMC Board of Directors
March 17, 2013 / 12:45 p.m. (Pacific) **Public copy

Directors Present (7): Rev. Tony Ponticello, Rev. Charles Mawson, Rev. Judy Junghans, Rev. Peter Graham, Rev. Tedosio Samora, Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, & Rev. Marci Benson
Directors Absent (2): Rev. Vincent Fuqua, Rev. Rudy Colombini

Minutes from 139th CMC Board meeting were read and accepted as amended.


Financial Statement:
There is no new financial statement. We are still in first quarter of 2013. We will look at the first quarter's statement at the May meeting.

Everything is increasing! A marked increase in bookstore business. Must be 2x or 3x last year at this time. A record number of orders after last product launch -- mailed 25 one day. Many more Amazon orders. Subscriptions to Miracles Monthly increasing for the first time. Class attendance at all time high. Number of Supporting Members at all time high. Monday drop-in class attendance has increased. Sunday Service has increased. First Friday Healing Ritual attendance has increased.

Supporting Member Report:
Currently 106 Supporting Members -- $4,918, $46.40/ member
Net gain of 2 members and a gain of $50 month pledged.
Gained (5): Helen Owen, Rachel Nietzel, Kat Morse, Jon Mundy, Barbara Weber
Lost (3): Rosemarie Souders, Bart Bacon, Dennis Donlon


Old Business:

Progress report on painting and remodeling project: The bookcase that used to sit on the banister is gone. Holes in the wall patched up. Trash from other projects removed from back deck. Hired a handyman found by Rev. Dusa Althea. Did everything for $200. Rev. Rudy will reimburse. Handyman was good. Would use him again. Still need to get new tables and then get rid of the old ones. That would complete phase one.

Renewed the discussion of Rev. Rudy being CMC's "Image Coordinator." Sketches for ideas still a good point. Problem still exist that Rev. Tony ends up having to spend substantial time for each of these projects. The handyman project took many hours of Rev. Tony's time. Perhaps committee needs to be in charge so that Rev. Tony doesn't have to handle details. Discussion tabled until Rev. Rudy is at a meeting.


New Business:

We Have Ordained 11 New Ministers:

60) Rev. John Feit
61) Rev. Paul Marinkovich
62) Rev. Daniel Tipton
63) Rev. Regina Dawn Akers
64) Rev. Andreaya Nyki Dobson
65) Rev. Reja-Joy Green
66) Rev. Linda Snow
67) Rev. Lisa Trevino
68) Rev. Pamela Whitman
69) Rev. Dianne Schmunk
70) Rev. Seth Hoerth

Changing Supporting Member Donation Levels:

We have not changed the donation levels for Supporting Member since the program was instituted in 1994, 19 years ago.

Current Levels:
Basic $25 / $15 (for 65 or over, on disability, etc.)
Angel: $50
Guardian Angel: $100
Arch Angel: $200

15 people pay the $15 / month / 55 people pay the $25 / month This means that 70 people pay the minimum amount they can pay.

If we raise just the Basic Level to $30 / $20 (for 65 or over, on disability, etc.) that would increase our pledge (potentially) $350 per month after a year has passed. People would continue at the rate they already have pledged, but asked to increase to the new, basic amount, when they renew. People should be told that the levels have not been increased in 19 years and that an adjustment needed to be made to account for inflation. People still have the option to renew at the old rate, or to renew at the new rate.

Motion: The basic level for Supporting Members to be increased to $30 ($20 for over 65 years old or on disability). Supporting Member continue at the rate pledged but, when time to renew, are told that the rate has increased for the first time in 19 years due to inflation. They will be told they can still renew at the old rate if they want to. Unanimous

Ministerial Projects:

Rev. Tony feels that the current policy about ACIM-2 projects is too loose, and it effectively allows ministers to complete the program with almost no project at all, or with a project that has little or no benefit for the CMC. Some of the recent class of 11 ministers had almost no project, or projects that had no direct benefit for the CMC.

Motion: The teacher of the ACIM-2 class, after meeting with the new student, suggests possible projects to the student. The CMC Board then has final approval of the projects. The Board continues to have oversight of the project through out the duration of the Minister-In-Training's program. Unanimous.

There are currently 4 ministers-in-training. These are their projects:
Joanie Goss: posts weekly to the MOLDG
Pat Coughlin-Mawson: posts an original ACIM inspired poem weekly to our Facebook page
Dianna Nicholson: posts beautiful photograph with an inscribed ACIM quotation to the Facebook page weekly
John Williams: Sunday Service support person

These four students and their projects were accepted.

Minimum Ordination Ceremony For Every CMC Minister:

In the past we have ordained everyone who completed ACIM-2, some with no ceremony at all. Recently Rev. Tony had a short Ordination Ceremony over the telephone with an ACIM-2 graduate who, at the last minute, was unable to attend the agreed upon Ordination Ceremony. It took about 20 minutes. Rev. Tony feels that we should always, at least, have a short ordination ceremony over the phone or in person. He proposes the following as a minimum Ordination Ceremony:
Opening Prayer First Short Reading From ACIM *1
Associate Minister Speaks Rite Of Ordination (standard) *2
New Minister Speaks Second Short Reading From ACIM *3
Closing Prayer

Motion: The CMC require that every new minister have, at a minimum, the ordination ceremony outlined above. Longer, and more elaborate Ordination Ceremonies can, of course, be had. Unanimous

Conference Report:

Currently 391 enrolled. Increased 29 from last meeting. Enrollments come in every day, unfortunately cancellations have come in as well. Final publicity push is underway, and Rev. Tony feels that having 400, or more, at the conference is still a realistic goal. Regardless, we should be well in the black at this point. It is quite possible, now, that our profit estimates have been conservative.

Motion: Rev. Rudy Colombini should be acknowledged for all his financial contributions (especially for the painting and remodeling of the San Francisco facility) thus he will be given a free registration to the Chicago,"A Gift of Lilies Conference." Unanimous

Class Report:

ACIM-1 classes are doing very well. New, Tue. Morning 8:00 a.m. class has 8 students. Our Wed. 4:30 p.m. and Mon. 6:30 p.m. classes are full with 10 students each. There is no one, currently, on a waiting list. There will be 5 graduates in the next month or two. Hopefully these will all go into ACIM-2. There should be many openings in ACIM-1 at that time. The conference could prove to be a good promotion for our class and ministerial program. Rev. Judy Junghans has proposed a new ACIM-1 class starting in July. This class would start the book at the beginning in July and be on an alternate schedule. Having classes on the same schedule facilitates students switching classes when inevitable scheduling conflicts arise. There has been quite a bit of class switching recently. If these switches weren't possible, students would have been lost. Having two different schedules might be good too, and publicity stating that a new class, starting the books on page number one, might be effective. Since there are no students on a waiting list at this time, plus since we know that a number of openings are imminent the discussion was tabled.

Wedding Class on 2.6.13 had 11 participants and took in $275. Very successful. Possibility of doing a "Celebration of Life" class discussed. Tabled until after conference.


Meeting Adjourned at 2:10 p.m.

Next Meeting May 19, 2013, 12:45 p.m. (Pacific)

Respectfully Submitted: Rev. Tony Ponticello, acting Secretary


Readings and Rite of Ordination approved for minimum Ordination Service


(*1) Reading 1:

I am among the ministers of God. (OrEd.WkBk.154.1.2)

Let us today be neither arrogant nor falsely humble. We have gone beyond such foolishness. We cannot judge ourselves, nor need we do so. These are but attempts to hold decision off, and to delay commitment to our function. It is not our part to judge our worth, nor can we know what role is best for us; what we can do within a larger plan we cannot see in its entirety. Our part is cast in Heaven, not in hell. And what we think is weakness can be strength; what we believe to be our strength is often arrogance.

Whatever your appointed role may be, it was selected by the Voice for God, Whose function is to speak for you as well. Seeing your strengths exactly as they are and equally aware of where they can be best applied, for what, to whom, and when, He chooses and accepts your part for you. He does not work without your own consent, but He is not deceived in what you are and listens only to His Voice in you.


(*2) Rite Of Ordination:

CMC Associate Minister: Are you, ______ _______, willing to answer the Call of the Holy Spirit to serve the Community Miracles Center community, and all others who request your guidance and assistance, as an A Course In Miracles Minister?

New Minister: Yes, truly willing.

CMC Associate Minister: Are you willing to strive to see the Truth and the Love of God’s Kingdom, which lie beyond the fear and illusion of the world?

New Minister: Yes, truly willing.

CMC Associate Minister: Are you willing to recognize that giving to your brothers and sisters is giving to yourselves, making sacrifice impossible?

New Minister: Yes, truly willing.

CMC Associate Minister: Are you willing to remember to ask for Holy Spirit’s guidance in all situations, knowing that Holy Spirit will always direct you to the proper path?

New Minister: Yes, truly willing.

CMC Associate Minister: Are you willing to choose peace and love instead of anger and hatred, knowing that attack thoughts are insane and never justified?

New Minister: Yes, truly willing.

CMC Associate Minister: Are you willing to teach others that they are the perfect ones whom God created, knowing that what you teach you learn as well?

New Minister: Yes, truly willing.

CMC Associate Minister: Love yourself, so you may remind us we are loving when we feel hatred. Forgive yourself, so you may remind us that we are forgiven when we feel guilty. In this way you will help bring God’s love, happiness, peace, and salvation to the world.

CMC Associate Minister: In the name of God the Creator who is our Source – and of the “Son” Who, as both male and female, we all are – and of Holy Spirit Who is the Voice for God Who speaks to us all, and on behalf of the Community Miracles Center, I (insert name) declare you ______ ______, to be an, A Course In Miracles Minister of the Community Miracles Center. Both: Amen.


(*3) Reading 2:

I am among the ministers of God. (OrEd.WkBk.154.12-15)

Let us but learn this for today: we will not recognize what we receive until we give it. You have heard this said a hundred times, and yet belief is lacking still. But this is sure-until belief is given it, you will receive a thousand miracles and then receive a thousand more but will not know that God Himself has left no gift beyond what you already have nor has denied the tiniest of blessings to His Son. What can this mean to you until you have identified with him and with his own?

Our lesson for today is stated thus:

I am among the ministers of God,
And I am grateful that I have the means
By which to recognize that I am free.

The world recedes as we light up our minds and realize these holy words are true. They are the message sent to us today from our Creator. Now we demonstrate how they have changed our minds about ourselves and what our function is. For as we prove that we accept no will we do not share, our many gifts from our Creator will spring to our sight and leap into our hands, and we will recognize what we received.


**Infrequently, the CMC may generalize certain items and/or names, or may eliminate an item altogether, that might be embarrassing and/or painful for a particular person and/or institution from the "Public Copy" of the Minutes. The "Legal Copy" of the minutes, held at the CMC office, may therefore be slightly different than the "Public Copy." The CMC guarantees that, to the best of it's ability, the "Public Copy" of the minutes contains no inaccurate or misleading information.