131st Meeting - 09.11.2011

131 Meeting of the CMC Board of Directors
September 11, 2011 -- Public Copy**

Directors Present (7): Rev. Adrienne Bermingham, Rev. Tony Ponticello, Bart Bacon, Rev. Rita Weikal, Charles Mawson,  Rev. Marci Benson, Rev. Vincent Fuqua,

Directors Absent (4): Rev. Dusa Althea Rammessirsingh, Rev. Tedosio Samora, Rev. Peter Graham, Rev. Rudy Colombini



Secretary's Report: (Rev. Tony acting Secretary)



Minutes read and accepted as amended.



Treasurer's Report:



Profit and Loss: January-June 2011

Income:…$113,663.05   Expenses:…$96,113.14   Net Income:…$17,549.91


Equity Statement:

June 30, 2011…$73,116.57   January 1, 2011...$55,150.78   Gain(Loss)…$17,634.42


(These figures are revised from what was presented at the meeting as corrections were made to the bookkeeping. These figures are a little "better" than were reported.)


Supporting Members Report:


Gained: 0

Lost: 0


77 Supporting Members -- $3,870 pledged

No net change inSupporting Members -- gain of $154 pledged since July 11, 2011


Motion: The CMC will do a modern, graphically rich, mass email using our new service Constant Contact. It will contain testimonials from existing Supporting Members saying why they get value being a CMC Supporting Member. Each testimonial will be accompanied by a picture of the member. Email will contain at least 10 such testimonials with pictures and have link to pledge form on the CMC web site. – Unanimous




Old Business:



Rev. Tony's Salary


Motion: Rev. Tony's salary of $2000 / month be reinstated as of Sep. 2011. Rev. Tony will also be paid $500 each ($1000 total) for the 2 months, Nov. 2009 and Dec. 2009, when he received no salary. Unanimous


Amendment to CMC Bylaws


Article 4. Directors – Section 6. Regular Meetings (Eliminate current. Replace with)

Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors will be held bi-monthly on the second Sunday of all odd months after the regular Sunday Service. Unanimous


Directors can not miss three, consecutive, regular meetings of the Board. After the second meeting missed, the Director will be informed by the Secretary that he/she must attend the next regular meeting or be automatically removed from the Board. It is possible that there may be an extenuating circumstance that prevents the Director from attending this next meeting. The Board will decide if this circumstance extends the Directors service on the Board until the next regular Board meeting. Unanimous  Policy will start with the Nov. 13 meeting.


Next meetings will be: 11.13.11 – 01.08.12 – 03.11.12 – 05.13.12 – 07.08.12 – 09.09.11 – 11.11.12

Please write these in your schedule.

Chicago 2013 Update:


232 enrolled by Sep. 1. Most paid in full ($369 / $399). There is another price jump deadline on Dec. 31 so more enrollment is expected at the end of 4th qtr. Target goal is 300 enrollees by Jan. 1, 2012. Total registrations for 2013 Chicago Conference is targeted at 450. 500 would be sell-out. Possible total revenue for 2013 Chicago could be $250,000.


CMC will have new ministers from other parts of the country by the conference. Some of these will be asked to be staff. This will demonstrate the nation wide nature of our ministry. Ministry program should be promoted at conference.


Board must decide what reimbursement / stipend (if any) the staff will receive to help compensate for travel and room expenses. Basic conference fee will of course be covered. Board also needs to decide if a reduced entrance fee will be extended to Significant Others of Presenters and Staff who want to attend. In 2011 we did this for the amount of $185 to cover meals. If we do this for Chicago, the amount would have to be ~$225. Presenters have been told that we are not doing this at Chicago but we could always add it back.

CMC Classes Ongoing:


The two ACIM-1 classes and the Monday night drop-in class continue. ACIM-2 continues.


We will need a 2nd ACIM-2 class in 2012. Rev. Marci Benson would like to teach this class.


A new publicity effort for the classes is planned. Rev. Tony will get current students and CMC Ministers to give testimonials about the value they receive(d) taking classes, or (if minister) that they have received being a CMC minister. These will be sent out as a graphically rich, mass email, using our new service, Constant Contact. In the email, instructions on how to enroll in classes and how to become a CMC ACIM minister will be given.


There was a general consensus that the low end, sliding fee schedule, should be $50 for a 10 week session of classes. If a students feels the need to pay less than $50 they will be asked to do some work exchange for the CMC.


Music At CMC:


Bart has sent in possible song list. He would like us to look at the list and tell him which songs we like. Then he can expand the list with that type of song. The issue about getting a more steady pianist was discussed. We will talk to current volunteer, Sue, and see if she would make more of a commitment if there was a monetary compensation. The possibility of having recorded accompaniment to use when no pianist was here was also discussed. Both are good ideas and will be pursued.


Advertising and Publicity:


Rev. Rita & Rev. Vincent gave ideas. Having booths at street fairs is a good idea. Having a Facebook page that emphasized "Jesus the Master Teacher" and then ties in A Course In Miracles and the CMC was also talked about. Rev. Rita will explore and develop this idea.



New Business:



Rev. Tony discussed ideas for the Sunday Service. He suggested many things: shorter sermons (12 to 15 min.), having someone designated to "Share a Miracle" (5 min.), a solid finish by 12 noon, a Volunteer Coordinator to make sure there are always adequate support people: Set-Up Volunteer (currently Jordon), Clean-Up Volunteer (currently John), a Back of the House Minister responsible for fruit, communion, opening prayer, music, and late entries (currently Rev. Dusa Althea), Speaker (Rev. Tony will coordinate), Reader, and Collection Assistant.  The Miracle Sharer, Collection Assistant, Reader can also have other support positions at that service. Alternates are needed for each position plus regular rotation to prevent burn-out would be necessary. Rev. Dusa Althea is already developing a list of people she can call on when she is not available for Back of the House Minister. The Volunteer Coordinator would maintain schedule of who is doing what for every service to insure that positions are always covered. A regular term of service for the Volunteer Coordinator could be set.


There was not enough time to discus this in depth and members wanted time to think about these changes. However, some of these items could be tried immediately. Discussion tabled until next meeting.


Rev. Tony shared his vision. The CMC was evolving to become the prominent Church for the ACIM Community in the U.S.A. The current interest in our ministry program, successful Conferences, activity on our On-Line Discussion Group, recognition of Miracles Monthly , Facebook page, Twitter account etc., all indicate this. Rev. Tony believes this is the vision we all need to hold, as this is the vision he is holding and the direction he is heading. Rev. Tony also believes that the San Francisco Sunday Service is going to grow larger and build upon it's current growth. This is why Sunday Service procedure must change. Sunday Service attendance is up since it's low in 2008 and 2009.


There was discussion about the CMC leased space at 2269 Market Street. Was it necessary to maintain space at current rent? Much of the meeting space remains idle during the week. There may be a more appropriate space for less rent. The significance of the stability of our address was talked about. Rev. Tony said that any possible move would have to feel like a "step up." Also, the rental income received in the past and possible rental income in the future was discussed. At this time, efforts to maximize this income seemed more important than planning moves. Rev. Tony pointed out that current renters always remark on how beautiful the space is and what a good healing energy it has.


There was a discussion about the CMC employee.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.



Next Board Meeting:



Sun. Nov. 13, 2011 -- 12:30 p.m. @ CMC

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