Everything You Always ... Judgment

Everything You Always ... Judgment
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    Full title: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Judgment, But Were Too Busy Doing It To Ask

    Judgment seems necessary in this complex world of difficult decisions, dangerous people and deceiving appearances. To get by, it seems we must be willing to hone this skill to razor sharpness, and use it wisely, rapidly and continuously as we greet the dizzying array of life circumstances. A Course In Miracles, on the other hand, urges us to relinquish this cherished right to judge. It calls judgment a "sword," and claims that all of our pain, loneliness and despair come from wielding it. It promises that letting go of judgment will bring a freedom and a happiness beyond belief. Yet the subject of judgment presents many confusing issues for students of spirituality. What exactly is judgment? How do we let it go? Is judgment always inappropriate? How can we make decisions without judging? This book attempts to briefly cover all of the many facets of this topic, as it is presented in A Course In Miracles.

    87 pages

    By Allen Watson and Robert Perry