The Disappearance Of The Universe

The Disappearance Of The Universe
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    What would you do if you were sitting quietly in your living room when a mysterious couple suddenly appeared from out of nowhere -- and then told you they were "ascended masters" who had come to reveal some shocking secrets of existence and teach you the miraculous power of advanced forgiveness? Would you call the cops? Call a psychiatrist? Call out for pizza?

    When two such teachers appeared before Gary Renard in 1992, he chose to listen to them. (And ask a lot of questions.) The result is this startling book: An extraordinary record of 17 mind-bending conversations that took place over nearly a decade, reorienting the author's life, and giving the world an uncompromising introduction to a spiritual teaching destined to change human history.

    Gary R. Renard was born on the historic North Shore of Massachusetts, where he became a professional guitar player. During the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 he heard a Calling and began to take his life in a different direction. At the beginning of the 1990s he moved to Maine, where he underwent a powerful spiritual awakening.

    In 1992, a mysterious couple, claiming to be Ascended Masters, appeared from out of nowhere to Renard in his living room. Over the next decade, Renard had numerous conversations with these beings. These beings revealed some shocking secrets of existence and provided a new perspective on the popular A Course in Miracles.

    By Gary Renard