One Again

One Again
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    Subtitle: A True Story of a Different Kind of Forgiveness

    This is a journey through sadness and hopelessness into a life of fulfillment, joy, and love. One Again is the riveting, poignant, funny, tragic, sad, and finally uplifting story of Linda Jean McNabb, who sets the stage of this incredible journey as she writes, "On August 6, 1957 I was born insane. Things pretty much went downhill from there." At the crux of the story, in addition to a mentally and physically abusive drug addicted father, molestations, and the death of her younger thirteen year old brother, is her own gang rape instigated by an acquaintance at the virginal age of thirteen, which was never reported and followed by the resulting devastation and years of self destruction including: substance abuse, suicidal depression, adultery, dancing on bars, looking for love in all the worst places, promiscuity, poverty, homelessness, and prostitution. Linda moves through adulthood broken and clueless with a sharp sense of humor and the inner strength of an army, as she eventually figures out how to take responsibility for her own peace and happiness. This is a real life story of a real woman who only walks her talk because she has no other choice. She must change in order to save her own life and sanity and in the end becomes a catalyst for change to many others.

    Through forgiveness, Linda not only ends her suffering over past traumas, she opens the door to a whole new life. In her new life she finds that there is enough of everything and sees that nothing is ever truly lost. She becomes that which she'd been seeking all along. If Linda can end her suffering and emerge into a whole new life filled with joy and happiness, then so can others.

    This is not the kind of forgiveness where you say, "You are wrong, but I forgive you anyhow." This is the kind of forgiveness that recognizes that we are all innocent, immortal spirit and not these bodies. When we no longer define ourselves by what has happened to our bodies we are liberated to live life fearlessly. That we are not these bodies, is a truth that shall truly set us free

    This is a captivating and inspiring tale of spiritual awakening and triumph that reads like a novel while also providing the reader with tools and resources, which have the power to change lives beyond imagination.
    "This is a book you'll want to share with everyone you love." — Gary Renard, bestselling author of and Your Immortal Reality
    By Linda Jean McNabb