The Game Of Love

The Game Of Love
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    Subtitle: Changing The Rules Changes Everything

    You've heard it all before. This book is different. I invite you to allow your own beliefs about love to be questioned. Why wouldn't you want them to be? If they are steadfast, they will hold up under scrutiny. If they are not, they will fall. Either way, you win. Are you ready now to let go of what has never worked? Good???so here we go, and let's have some real fun playing the game of love the new way, by changing the rules, healing all of your relationships, and making new ones free of fear and dysfunction.
    "With clear explanation and many practical exercises that are designed to foster healthy mental habits, Kevin Rice shows us how we can improve our existing relationships and develop healthy new ones by applying the principles of A Course In Miracles. If you are seeking that special one — your soul mate — you must read this book!" — Tom Whitmore, Publisher, ACIM Original Edition
    By Kevin Rice