What Is Mysticism?

What Is Mysticism?
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    "Something wonderful is happening!" According to David Hay, author of Something There! (2006), the work of the Religious Experience Research Unit at Oxford University showed that in the years between 1987 and 2000, while church going fell by 20 percent, the number of people reporting mystical experiences increased by 60 percent! According to Gallup Polls, one out of three Americans has had a mystical experience.

    There is something so compelling about the mystical journey that mystics often spend their lives clarifying the experience. The deeper you go, the lighter you become, the easier the peace. Inner light wants to shine. Vision wants to be shared. Talking about mysticism is like rolling strawberry shortcake around on the tongue. It's so delicious. It's like falling in love again and again. What is this wonderful experience people are talking about? Why do we respond so deeply? What Is Mysticism? addresses, clarifies, and deepens this question. "The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the mystical." — Albert Einstein
    "If you want to know about mysticism, this is the place to look." — Marianne Williamson, Author of A Return To Love and The Age Of Miracles.

    "What Is Mysticism? is irresistible. I couldn't tear myself away from it. It covers every nook and cranny of the entire field." — Ben Gilberti, Author of Ontological Miracles.
    By Jon Mundy, Ph.D.