The Dragon Doesn't Live Here

The Dragon Doesn't Live Here
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    Full title: The Dragon Doesn't Live Here AnymoreAlan Cohen's story is an inspiration. From his roots as an Orthodox Jew, he took a mind-expanding tour of the teachings of Jesus, Ram Dass, Zen, Jung, the Esalen Institute, and Einstein, to name a few. In this extraordinary collection of lyrical, challenging essays, Cohen synthesizes what he has learned from these masters, and shares his journey with all of us. He discusses overcoming limitations, creating fulfilling relationships, tuning into the flow of life, transformation, finding a personal path, and the greatest gift of all, love. Read it straight through, or essay by essay, for daily meditations on the mysteries of God, love, and the spiritual path. A survey of Unity ministers cited Dragon as "one of the ten most influential books in the Unity movement."
    "Very positive and in tune with our needs today." — Leo Buscalia
    By Alan Cohen.