The Mask, The Mirror, & The Illusion

The Mask, The Mirror, & The  Illusion
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    Full Title: The Mask, the Mirror, and the Illusion
    Subtitle: Awakening to the Knowledge of Who You Truly Are

    Once in a while there is a voice of clarity which resounds above the chaos and points the way; no lecturing, no guilt, simply a kind and gentle arrow towards our highest potential. Now, not later; no ifs, no buts, just an invitation to step into a world created by love and out of the illusion of discomfort and unhappiness.

    Julie Hutslar, in The Mask, the Mirror, and the Illusion, speaks clearly and openly, has a gift of communication and translation, and constantly questions accepted reality and authority. Questions to her own higher wisdom prove to be pathways to self awareness which she shares through stories, analogies and examples. What you take away is a clear focus on living in your greatest potential.

    You are walked hand in hand through the maze of insane thinking we've all come to accept as normal, and offered practical suggestions for seeing through this mind created illusion to unveil the truth of who you really are. It isn't about changing and becoming something else. It's about remembering who you have always been.

    When life just isn't fulfilling in ways you know it could be, when you have a gut feeling that your experiences could be richer, and when you are certain your relationships could be more loving and honoring, where do you look? This is when you are ready to hear the voice of your own highest self and witness the light that shines from within that will guide you. Julie simply assists you in opening your sleepy eyes and finding that you have always had the way imprinted upon your heart.
    "Julie has a most helpful ability to clearly bring many of the 'shadows' in our mind to the light of truth. These are the hidden misperceptions that control our thinking and our lives in ways we do not see. Her insights go straight to the heart of the issues with a rare clarity. You will come away from this reading with an appreciation for her ability to hold steady to the truth." — Tom & Linda Carpenter, authors of Dialogue on Awakening

    by Julie Hutslar