A Passover Ritual For ACIM

A Passover Ritual For ACIM
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    Full Title: A Passover Ritual For Students Of A Course In Miracles

    Passover is a ritualized telling of the story of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. This journey from slavery to freedom mirrors our personal journey from being a slave to the Ego towards Spiritual Growth. This Telling (or Haggadah) has been written with a focus on the universal message of forgiveness and a desire to let go of the past in favor of focusing on the present.

    A Passover Ritual for Students Of ACIM was written for both students and their more traditionally Jewish families. This Haggadah reminds us that the Holy Spirit can use anything, even the historic enslavement in Egypt, for God's purposes. This ritual is built around Course's themes of forgiveness, recognizing oppression as projection and letting go of the past in favor of focusing on the present.

    Make this year's Seder successful and meaningful for family and guests with this Haggadah, which includes "Notes to the Leader" for guiding the ritual.

    Elizabeth Pearce-Glassheim, born and raised a Catholic by parents who instilled their life-long fascination with Buddhism and Asian cultures into her family's life, married into Judaism some 20 years ago. In the past two decades she has co-hosted more than a dozen Seders attended by friends of all religions and spiritual beliefs. To make Passover meaningful to Seder guests at her home, she began creating versions of the traditional Seder story to emphasize its universal themes which are meaningful to traditional Jews, Students of the Course in Miracles, Buddhists and people of all spiritualities.

    By Elizabeth Pearce-Glassheim