A Dialogue On Forgiveness

A Dialogue On Forgiveness
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    In this beautiful video dialogue in DVD format, Tom Carpenter and Robert Holden, good friends for many years, engage in an illuminating discussion on the profound and timely question of what forgiveness can do for us. It is a helpful, useful, and delightful dialogue; everyone who has seen it so far raves about it!

    Tom Carpenter is well known through the A Course In Miracles network. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and author of the book Dialogue On Awakening. Robert Holden is the founder of The Happiness Project in the United Kingdom, and author of many books such as, Happiness NOW and Success Intelligence. After Robert's appearance on the Oprah show in the spring of 2008, his books are now being published in the United States. Robert Holden is also a coach and consultant to organizations world-wide, as well as being a longtime student of A Course in Miracles.

    There is a presence between these two in this dialogue that is exceptional; they flow effortlessly back and forth in their appreciation of the power of forgiveness.
    "Tom and Robert's love for the subject, the vision, and each other was riveting! Thank you for the clarity." — Larry Day, U.S.

    "I love this profound and beautiful dialogue, which dances lightly back and forth between Tom and Robert without missing a beat. It calls directly to the truth inside us and brings us quickly and clearly to an awareness that forgiveness is a different way of seeing the world." — Dr. Anne Thurston Director, International Records Management Trust. U.S./ U.K.

    "Their love and appreciation for each other, and for the topic, touches the heart, challenges the mind, and makes you watch it again and again." — Duncan Coombe, U.K.
    By Tom Carpenter and Robert Holden.