The Scholar's Toolbox

The Scholar's Toolbox
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    The Scholar's Toolbox is a library of primary source documents in "facsimile" (photocopy of original manuscripts) form and in searchable "e-text" typed transcripts, and of course, concordances. And of course it's all cross-referenced. It is intended to by a complement to The Urtext Manuscripts.

    Included are copies of all the versions of the Course prepared by the scribes (Helen Schucman and William Thetford) which have, to date, come to light. If you've ever wanted to see how other versions render a particular passage, this is the "toolbox" needed. And if you explore, you'll see that there is a good deal more here as well, along with a vast amount of documentation, tutorials, help files and other resources.
    1.    Primary Source Library: The Scholar's Toolbox I
    2.    Concordances: The Scholar's Toolbox II
    3.    High Resolution Notes — facsimile manuscript images
    4.    Hugh Lynn Cayce (HLC) "synthesized" Audio (not currently on line)
    5.    The Corrected HLC (e-text)
    6.    The Complete Urtext in Seven Volumes (e-text)
    7.    Bibles and Concordances
    8.    Order Books, CDs, DVDs etc.
    This is a PC compatible DVD. There is no Macintosh version at this time.

    Published by Miracles In Action Press. Compiled by Doug Thompson.

    By Jesus, channeled through Helen Schucman (Whatever you believe about this is up to you.)