The Other Voice Audio CD Mp3

The Other Voice Audio CD Mp3
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    2 compact discs. 52 mp3 files.

    Jesus' (Jeshua's) own commentary on the A Course in Miracles Text was revealed to Brent Haskell in the 51 chapters of The Other Voice. This authorized recording has been lovingly spoken by Kellie Love, the original "voice" of the Course. Stunning in clarity and impact, this 17 hour recording will become a treasured classic in your personal library.
    (From the product description of Journey Beyond Words.)

    Subtitle: A Companion to The Text of The Course Chapters 1-15. The Other Voice was given as a companion to A Course In Miracles. As with the previous book, Journey Beyond Words, which has touched and changed thousands of lives around the world, this volume was received all in auditory form from a source who identified himself as Jeshua -- and as the author of A Course In Miracles.

    This new material further clarifies and simplifies the teachings of the Course, many of which have remained difficult for students, advanced or novice, to understand and apply. But perhaps more importantly, herein can be found insights that will take the reader to new and exciting levels in the experience of the truth of the Course.

    Most of all, The Other Voice is designed to bring us ever closer to the constant awareness of our innermost guide. For it is in hearing and following its voice that we discover the meaning we seek. But beyond that, it is in learning to truly listen and follow that voice that we avail ourselves of a peace that the world is helpless to destroy.

    Whoever enters these pages will encounter profound yet remarkably practical teachings that offer themselves as a vehicle to an unshakable inner peace.
    By Brent Haskell, recorded by Kellie Love.