Journey Beyond ... Audio mp3

Journey Beyond ... Audio mp3
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    2 compact discs. 50 mp3 files.

    Jesus' (Jeshua's) own commentary on the A Course in Miracles Workbook was revealed to Brent Haskell in the 49 chapters of Journey Beyond Words. This authorized recording has been lovingly spoken by Kellie Love, the original "voice" of the Course. Stunning in clarity and impact, this 17 hour recording will become a treasured classic in your personal library.
    (From the product description of Journey Beyond Words.)

    Subtitled: A Companion to The Workbook of the Course. It was received, all in auditory form, during the year 1990 by one who had for five years humbly and openly submitted himself to the transformational wisdom of the Course. The real author of Journey Beyond Words refers to himself as Jeshua -- and as the author of A Course In Miracles.

    The material covered herein brings a new and refreshing simplicity to many of the seemingly difficult concepts of the Course, and will be extremely helpful to all students, advanced or novice, as well as to study groups, especially those lacking a facilitator who is well versed in the Course.

    Most of all, Journey Beyond Words is the Jeshua-endowed guide to the study and application of the Course at the level of one's innermost sanctuary, where, in the presence of Truth, no guide or companion is needed. For none is higher or closer.

    The reader who enters these pages with a quiet and open mind will find himself transported to a new world of peace, freedom, and joy. For this is the world of A Course In Miracles.
    By Brent Haskell, recorded by Kellie Love.