Lessons In Love From A Course In Miracles

Lessons In Love From A Course In Miracles
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    Full Title: Lessons In Love From A Course In Miracles
    Subtitle: Truths and Meditations on the Legendary Text

    For more than 40 years, award-winning fine arts photographer Brad Oliphant has been capturing unbelievable images of the natural world. He's also a dedicated student of A Course in Miracles. Now, in this beautifully illustrated gift book, Brad combines his two passions: the insights he has received from a higher power and his lovely, surreal photographs. The effect of his images is haunting, yet empowering: he seems to break through the veil of everyday appearances to reach something deeper and richer. In addition to the stunning visuals, Lessons in Love From A Course in Miracles contains inspirational quotes, Brad's reflections, and a section on addiction and recovery that includes Brad's personal experiences.

    Filled with wisdom on love, freedom from ego, and happiness, this is a keepsake for any student of the Course — and anyone wishing to find a new level of awareness.

    By Brad Oliphant