There Must Be Another Way

There Must Be Another Way
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    ">This collection of twenty essays, based on deeply-felt, personal experiences of reading the Workbook and the Text of A Course In Miracles, demonstrates the transformation from the limited, conceptual, egoic self-identity to the limitless Self created by God, seeing with the vision of Christ. This transformation is simply a shift from one state of mind to another, from the self-identity state to the state of mind of the Self. The gap is bridged by the Holy Spirit when you ask for help, realizing you can't, He can and He will and He does.

    Throughout the book, the author's transformation is expressed in reference to poetry, paintings, passages from the New Testament, movies, essays on psychology, the classic comedians, relationships with family and friends, Lindbergh's historic flight, and more.

    In addition, a sonnet by Jesus graces the page between each chapter.

    About the author — Ray Comeau received his formal education at Kalamazoo College (BA), and at the University of Chicago (MA, Ph.D.), but his real education began on August 7, 1997, when he crossed the threshold of Endeavor Academy in Wisconsin, where his mind became transformed through Jesus' unworldly masterpiece, A Course In Miracles, His New Testament, and the teachings of Master Teacher whose complete awakening occurred on July 4, 1979.

    Ray's intent in each of these essays is to provide the reader with a frame of reference for experiencing the Truth hidden behind concepts. Master Teacher once told him that his assignment was to be a surveyor, to go out into uncharted territory, a place unknown to the false, illusory mind, and "determine and chart the form, extent, and position" of this true territory beyond concepts, thus making it easier for those who follow to read the chart of the modern-day scripture, the out-of-time masterpiece, A Course In Miracles.

    By Ray Comeau, Ph.D.