Touching the Heart of God

Touching the Heart of God
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    Touching the Heart of God
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    Subtitle: Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, and A Course in Miracles-An Unfinished Manuscript(Two Volumes)

    Dr. Kenneth Wapnick spent years reading and researching in preparation for writing what was to be a two-volume set on psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and A Course in Miracles. Its purpose was to use the towering work of Sigmund Freud as the means to discuss the unique and important contribution that A Course in Miracles makes to the field of personality theory and to psychotherapy, and how Jungian psychology has contributed to the phenomenon of denial. Kenneth’s death in 2013, however, prevented him from completing the books. Nonetheless, he had written copious notes—some very well developed — for the beginning of the first volume, and gathered together and organized an extensive compilation of excerpts, references, and commentaries on both Freud and Jung, as well as A Course in Miracles. The first volume explores in great depth the contributions of Freud, including his powerful insights on understanding the nature of the unconscious and its darkness, which Kenneth often said was a prerequisite for A Course in Miracles. The second volume includes an examination of the writings of Jung and his conflicts with Freud that prevented them from collaborating on finding an answer to the darkness of the unconscious, and a presentation of A Course in Miracles contributions to a much deeper understanding of the unconscious and the purpose the darkness serves. Both of these sections were originally intended to be part of the first volume. The second volume concludes with a "Preface on Psychotherapy", the only section Kenneth wrote for the original second volume. While both volumes are far from complete, the material is rich in substance and has been organized in such a way that one gains a good sense of what Kenneth’s intentions were, and how he planned to proceed with the two-volume set.

    by Dr. Kenneth Wapnick