A Symphony of Love

A Symphony of Love
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    Subtitle: Selections of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick's Writings: Autobiographies, Poetry, Short Stories, and Articles

    The purpose of this book is to present some of the unpublished writings and published professional journal writings of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick in all their diversity. I use the word diversity because his poetry and his short stories are so exquisitely different, his poetry especially being a dedication to God and Jesus, while his short stories explore different themes.

    The book begins with two very powerful unpublished autobiographies, My Life with God and My Life with Jesus. The first, My Life with God, Kenneth wrote at the request of Helen Schucman who urged him to do that project in 1973. The second, My Life with Jesus, was done mostly after we moved to Temecula in 2001, since people kept asking for one. One of the reasons My Life with Jesus is short compared to My Life with God is that I had asked Kenneth not to write about our relationship.
    "Great book...very inspiring." — Deborah Underwood
    Editted by Gloria Wapnick