Journey Through Manual

Journey Through Manual
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    Full Title: Journey Through the Manual of A Course In Miracles

    The Manual for Teachers is organized around two themes and variations of these two themes. The first is that of separate versus shared interests, mentioned in its full form in the opening question, "Who Are God's Teachers?" There Jesus says of the teacher of God: 'His qualifications consist solely in this; somehow, somewhere he has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else's.' This idea of shared interests is at the heart of the message of A Course in Miracles. It is the core of the Course's concept of forgiveness and can be recognized in the equation Jesus makes between teaching and learning. It is the first great theme in the Manual, unifying the seemingly disparate questions that are the focus of each section. It emphasizes that we are all the same, reflecting the much larger theme: the Oneness of God's Son, and his perfect unity with his Creator and Source. The second theme is equally important. In fact, it would not be possible to learn that our interests are shared without it. This is the importance of asking the Holy Spirit for help the key to the practice of A Course in Miracles. By asking help of our Inner Teacher, we become aware of our wrong-minded thought system and the ways in which we manifest it. In what the Course refers to as our right mind, the Holy Spirit gently corrects our misperceptions. (From the General Introduction)

    By Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.