The Healing Power Kindness Vol. 2

The Healing Power Kindness Vol. 2
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    " — that form the basis of this book. If we identify with the ego, our limitations become cause for comparison and judgment, and thereby impel us to seek ways to overcome the imperfections in our bodies and the world. This focus serves the ego's purpose of concealing the mind's decision for guilt, substituting a limited self for the unlimited Self of Christ. Identifying with the loving Presence of the Holy Spirit in our right minds, we recognize our self-defeating choice, thus allowing true correction to heal. We now look kindly on our imperfections, redefining them not as our reality but as mere detours on our journey home. These shadows of limitation become the contours of the classroom that Jesus uses to teach us his kind lessons of forgiveness. Thus do they ultimately fade in the light of the Atonement, in which we all are joined as the one perfect Son of God.

    By Kenneth Wapnick