The Miracle Of Real Forgiveness

The Miracle Of Real Forgiveness
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    Subtitle: Freeing Us To Love

    The Miracle of Real Forgiveness is about letting go of our misperceptions of who we are and what the world appears to be, and opening our mind to a different experience we cannot now imagine. While separateness is still our dominant belief, we are actually now in a process of changing that perception. The understanding of a harmony and unity beyond all form inspires the practice of many levels of forgiveness, leading ultimately to the recognition within us each of a unity that has never changed, but has been hidden behind our present belief

    Many of us know that it is Tom's deepest wish to offer all that he can to convey the importance of forgiveness in changing the consciousness of this world to a more peaceful and loving experience, and ultimately, a beautiful practice to help release us from all our illusions.

    This is the other book that has been unfolding in Tom's mind for many years. It is what he believes is of the greatest help in our mind's journey back to it's Loving Source. Many readers have found it to be both inspiring and profound.

    Tom Carpenter has been receiving guidance from the Christ Mind for the past thirty years, and has been a long time teacher of A Course In Miracles, dictated by the same Source. The practice of real forgiveness has a different purpose than what we have been familiar with. Tom and and his wife and partner, Linda Capenter, have shared their understanding of the use of forgiveness in many workshops over the years. In this book, Tom explains this purpose in greater detail.

    by Tom Carpenter