Dialogue On Awakening

Dialogue On Awakening
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    In communion with us through Tom Carpenter, a great teacher once known as Jesus answers questions about the nature of our physical life but describes our true reality as Spirit. A greater understanding of this reality is the key to experiencing a personal expansion of peace, love, and joy in our life today. In this book, we more clearly see there is a choice between what we ourselves have made-and experience as this often painful world, or of awakening to the remembrance of our innate, eternal Spirit.

    In their dialogues, Jesus, now teaching as the fully awakened Christ, shares how he awakened to this reality and clarifies many of his own experiences when he too experienced this world. Many readers feel the information contained in this book has helped to change their lives.
    "Dialogue on Awakening is charged with wisdom, love, and vision. I thrill with inspiration to read these dynamic words and know that they proceed from a deeply profound Source. Thanks to Tom, Linda, and Jeshua for delivering the truth of heart." — Alan Cohen, author of The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    "There has been no other single book which has so clarified spirituality, Christianity, and opened my heart to the Self, to Love. My life journey has included being a Franciscan friar, Catholic priest, and clinical psychologist. These experiences have been gifts that prepared me for being touched by the grace offered in this book of direct revelation." — Thomas A Leenarts, Psy. D., The Northwest Wellfolk Institute
    By Tom & Linda Carpenter