Let There Be Light (2 CDs)

Let There Be Light (2 CDs)
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    Subtitle: Songs Of Joy, Hope And Healing

    Over two hours of music is packed into these two cassettes. They feature twenty five of Scott's most heartfelt, touching, and joy-stirring songs from the years 1988 to 1993.
    CD One — Song Titles:
    The Mellow Disc

    1) Let There Be Light
    2) Teach Me How To Love
    3) Mother and Son
    4) Take Care of Yourself
    5) Follow Your Heart
    6) The Flight of the Tree
    7) I Will Be There
    8) Earth Mother
    9) The One Is Me
    10) By Grace I Live
    11) Enough to Say No
    12) Flow With the Winds of Spirit
    13) Learning to Love Myself

    CD Two — Song Titles:
    The Upbeat Disc

    14) Brand New Occupation
    15) Say Yes To Your Dreams
    16) Back to the Garden
    17) Life Is Not a Serious Business
    18) That's My Truth
    19) Freedom Reigns!
    20) The Safety Song
    21) No Allegiance to Pain
    22) A New Light
    23) Dance Inside Your Soul
    24) Fully Alive
    25) Oops!
    By Scott Kalechstein