A Course in Miracles Unleashed

A Course in Miracles Unleashed
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    Subtitle: A Direct Encounter with Jesus Christ in the Evolution and Enlightenment of the Human Species

    A unique four-part documentary film that reveals the process of individual spiritual enlightenment as experienced and communicated by many of those who were awakened by the revolutionary mind training program of Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles.

    It is always initially astonishing as you begin to awake, to discover that the manner in which you think ahs undergone a radical transformation. Your former limited consciousness identity finally has nothing to do with the complete expose. You stand naked with your own certainty. You lose the capacity for specific comparison. The wholeness of your thinking inevitably makes the objective world of limited consciousness seem absurd. You are alone, awake among the sleeping. This is your story.
    "What was so great about this movie for me was that I could see that something profound had happened to these people. I could see the light in their eyes and hear the love in their voices. I knew that what happened to them would happen to me. I knew I was on the right track.. These were not foreign gurus on remote mountain tops or celebrated academics in prestigious institutions, these were ordinary people like you and me, and yet they communicated such extraordinary ideas." — Veronica Webster
    "The exciting astonishment accompanying this transformation of mind is plainly visible in the stories and in the faces on the screen. You are invited to participate in this very personal yet transcendent film experience that will heal the world as it heals you." — Rev. Alden Hughes, Miracles Healing Center, Wisconsin Hills, WI
    A Source Renaissance Film