Workbook Companion Vol. I (1-180)

Workbook Companion Vol. I (1-180)
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    The indispensable companion to A Course in Miracles, illuminating your journey through its 365 daily lessons. Allen Watson and Robert Perry provide first-rate help and guidance in their Workbook Companion series. These books offer abundant provisions for the journey, from insightful teachings and personal anecdotes to detailed lesson instructions and cameo essays on related topics such as meditation in the Course. Allen and Robert's companionship and wise counsel make the lessons spring to life, bringing miracles into your daily experience.

    Included are:
    • A commentary on each daily lesson, offering explanations, illustrative personal anecdotes, and suggestions for carrying out the practice instructions
    • Helpful summaries of the practice instructions for each lesson
    • Periodic overviews of the goals in various sets of lessons.
    Volume I covers Lessons 1 through 180.

    Thousands of ACIM students worldwide have already benefited from the lesson commentaries and summaries found in A Workbook Companion. Scores have written the authors to tell them how their practice of the Workbook lessons has been transformed and their understanding and appreciation of the teachings enriched.

    A Workbook Companion has been revised before being reissued in this Second Edition.

    • Cameo essays on special topics such as meditation and prayer, by Robert Perry
    • Completely rewritten and expanded Practice Summaries by Robert Perry for each day's lesson.
    From the Author, Allen Watson: "A Workbook Companion is intended, not as a replacement for the Workbook for Students, but as a companion to the Workbook to encourage students in practicing the exercises as we believe the author intended for us to do them. May these daily readings encourage you to put the daily thoughts offered by the Workbook into practice, filling your mind with them, until you begin to experience the inner peace and joy promised by A Course in Miracles."

    By Allen Watson and Robert Perry