Glossary Of Terms From ACIM

Glossary Of Terms From ACIM
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    A Course in Miracles uses language in a unique way, filling familiar terms with new meaning. This makes its language initially confusing, yet eventually transformative. This glossary clears up the confusion and helps the reader experience the full effect of the Course's language and teaching. Definitions include Course meanings, as well as root, conventional, and Christian meanings. Intended for both new and experienced students and for individual and group study.

    Benefits of the Glossary

    1.   This new edition includes 27 new terms that were not covered in the first edition.
    2.   Many old definitions have been revised and expanded.
    3.   We have given the book a new layout, making it easier to consult.
    4.   For many definitions, Robert gives root, conventional and Christian meanings, in addition to ACIM meanings.

    By Robert Perry