Path Of Light

Path Of Light
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    An exceptionally clear and inspiring guide to the modern spiritual classic A Course In Miracles by one of its most respected teachers Robert Perry. Robert explores his own growth as he moves away from relating to the Course as a spiritual teaching to be learned — towards his dawning realization that the Course is a spiritual path to be traveled.
    "I have always felt it is Perry who guides the Course student to the next step. He is one of our most brilliant teachers of the principles of the Course. Path of Light is more than a book, it is a blessing." — Marianne Williamson, author of Return To Love, from her forward to this book

    "Robert honors the sophistication of the Course's thought system, yet never loses sight of the fact that the Course is above all an eminently practical path to awakening." — Roger Walsh M.D., Ph.D. author of Essential Spirituality: The Seven Central Practices To Awaken Heart And Mind.

    "Robert Perry is simply the best A Course In Miracles scholar writing today." — Rev. Tony Ponticello of Community Miracles Center.
    by Robert Perry