Course Thought System Set-Six

Course Thought System Set-Six
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    An inspired, thorough, yet surprisingly concise summary of the thought system of A Course In Miracles. These laminated plaques are printed on light parchment-style paper in beige, blue and rose. They are wonderful for putting up anyplace where you can see them every day (by the wall near your bed, beside the bathroom mirror, on your refrigerator door, on your office file cabinet.)

    The Course Thought System takes just three minutes to read and contains all the basic ideas that the Course teaches. The thought system has never been so eloquently summarized. One can read this every day as a reminder, a meditation, or as a way to simply learn what the Course teaches. This is a valuable contribution and the perfect gift for someone who insists ACIM is difficult to understand or too hard to learn. If the Course can be summarized this thoroughly on one page, and read in just three minutes, how difficult is it really? Perfect to include in any gift package. Great to share with every member of your local ACIM study group or your Unity church class. Ideal to give to anyone you want to introduce ACIM to, or in response to that inevitable question, "What is that A Course In Miracles book teaching you?"

    Written by Rev. Tony Ponticello, who has been teaching A Course In Miracles since 1983. In 1987, Rev. Tony co-founded the Community Miracles Center, one of the country's leading ACIM teaching organizations located in San Francisco, CA, USA. Community Miracles Center is featured in D. Patrick Miller's book, Understanding A Course In Miracles and described as an organization with an "Established teaching program ... church and ministerial school." Rev. Tony Ponticello has been the co-minister of Community Miracles Center since its founding through to the present.

    By Rev. Tony Ponticello