Swim the Lake Before You Row the Boat

Swim the Lake Before You Row the Boat
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    Subtitle: Awaken a Boy's Success Mindset
    Unleash His Confidence and
    Give Him the Foundation for a Great Life

    Build a success mindset in your son that will give him the foundation he needs for a happy, confident and purpose-filled life...

    Discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have given him the confidence to try, courage to excel, compassion to be charitable, and strength to withstand life's most difficult social and emotional challenges...

    For parents raising boys to men, this is a must-read book.

    What is a boy's success mindset? It is the rock solid belief that he is ok, people like and respect him, he can be responsible for himself, he can bring happiness to others, and he can succeed at whatever he puts his mind to. It's the greatest gift we can give our sons (and ourselves).

    What a boy believes about himself is the single greatest force determining his happiness, his confidence, his willingness to try new things and to pursue his dreams. It's the single most important factor that creates a joy-filled life.

    With expertise spanning two generations and over 60 years of results from work with over 3,000 boys, the authors share a 10-step formula for embedding the beliefs that attract future success. You'll discover:
    • Why learning this formula is the BIGGEST needle-mover you can use in your parenting (even if you think your child is too young or too old).
    • How to recognize opportunities that are all around you and why the answer isn't found in expensive private schooling or the latest educational toy.
    • The single biggest mistake that holds a boy back (and keeps him from ever achieving the success you want for him).
    • Easy-to-do actions and activities that make an immediate difference.
    • How to go from hoping you are doing a good enough job to knowing you are focused on the one thing that really matters.
    "I love this book! I was burned out and ready to leave teaching! I was tired of doing things that just weren't working for kids. No kidding. I had already applied for a job at a gas company. And then I read this book and am so excited again about teaching! THIS is the answer! Every teacher needs to read this book!" — Kim Coffman, teacher special education
    Author: Tess and Deborah Canja