Yield to Joy

Yield to Joy
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    Subtitle: The Miraculous Power of Forgiveness

    Learn how to surrender to your Higher Power and live to laugh about it.

    Still clinging to those lingering resentments? Are you tired of hurting yourself with the lie that you'll be happy when you get what you want in the world? Ready to experience Divine Love? Ordained A Course in Miracles minister Pamela Whitman has studied and taught ACIM for decades via retreats, conference calls, and her radio programs. Now she''s here to help you recognize the healing available in every situation.

    Yield to Joy: The Miraculous Power of Forgiveness is a holistic plan to find peace despite any external circumstances. Through straightforward drawings and personal examples, Whitman holds your hand on a guided journey of awakening to your True Self. By learning to embrace Atonement, you'll see difficulties as repressed pain that has surfaced to be washed away.

    In Yield to Joy, you’ll discover:
    • How to view "problems" as opportunities to let your Higher Power heal your mind
    • That True Forgiveness, Atonement, and healing are all the same
    • The path to embracing the simple essence of willingness for you to achieve harmony
    • Ways to surrender to your Higher Power in order to free you to experience love and joy
    • How to live as your True Self by letting go of ego "wants"
    • Universally applicable techniques, funny stories, helpful meditations, and much, much more!
    Yield to Joy is your essential manual for ending struggle by accepting the power of Love available to you now. If you like revolutionary approaches to spirituality, living as your True Self, and navigating the mystical journey to Divine Love, then you’ll adore Pamela Whitman’s exhilarating book.
    "Pamela Whitman's book, Yield to Joy, belongs on the bookshelf of any person who is currently a student of A Course in Miracles or who is considering becoming one." — Karen Casey, author of 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles and Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course
    Author: Pamela Whitman