Miracles at Work

Miracles at Work
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    Subtitle: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence

    With Miracles at Work, author and career expert Emily Bennington invites kindred spirits―those who yearn to bring their spiritual Selves into their professional lives―to begin the adventure.

    Merging principles of A Course in Miracles with mindfulness practices, social and emotional intelligence, and her own proven strategies for on-the-job success, Emily illuminates for those at any career stage how to:
    * Anchor in to your aware Self on the job, resulting in extraordinary composure and leadership presence
    * Use the Course method for reorganizing your energy in each moment, allowing you to instantly release anxiety, anger, judgments, comparisons, or fear
    * "Rise above the battleground" and navigate conflict with ease
    * Move from a thought system based on striving and "specialness" to one grounded in connectedness
    * Stay inspired at work even through long periods of struggle, doubt, and overwhelm

    Whether you’re familiar with A Course in Miracles or new to its insights, Miracles at Work is an exceptional guide to applying its timeless wisdom to your career, where it can profoundly enrich your experience and enhance your impact on the world.
    "Emily has combined the profound wisdom of A Course in Miracles with the practical insights of the business world to create this economic survival manual for the twenty-first century―with spiritual dividends." — Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, Founder and President of Miracle Distribution Center

    "Happiness and transformation are available during business hours. With brilliant simplicity and relatable workplace examples, Miracles at Work will guide you to embody the inner peace that is available to all of us, regardless of workplace demands, and to be the colleague and leader whose presence truly inspires others." — Corinne Zupko, Ed.S., Author of From Anxiety to Love

    "Emily is a glowing, bright light for the business world. She beautifully breaks down the principles of A Course in Miracles and explains them in such an accessible, practical way that you can immediately start to integrate them into your work life. This book is going to be a game-changer for anyone from a college graduate just entering the workforce to a seasoned CEO ready for more ease, flow, and abundance.” — Cassandra Bodzak, Author and Host of Eat with Intention TV
    By Emily Bennington