Thank God I’m Crazy

Thank God I’m Crazy
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    Subtitle: A Journey to Sanity

    What happens when crazy becomes real? At twenty-two, Grace Avalon left her body to be swept into luminous kaleidoscopic light bearing images of places she’d never seen. Escaping from her abusive life, in joyous laughter she surrendered to the light. Her husband placed her in a mental hospital for nine days.

    However, over twenty years the places in her euphoric visions actually came true. Follow along an incredible journey outside the boundaries of ordinary perception, and allow for the possibility of pure wonder. On these pages, one can discover and celebrate the love, peace, and innocence to be found within. Grace’s path out of hell also becomes a demonstration of A Course in Miracles made practical.

    Included also, are pictures of places which actually occurred, as seen in her visions
    "Grace Avalon has written an amazing story. Her trust in her own inner voice — using love to guide her during situations more painful than most of us can even imagine — inspires all of us to trust the wisdom of our hearts. Here is spirituality in practice. I found her journey a clarion call for renewed courage to live an illumined life." — Marianne Williamson, Author of Return to Love

    "Grace Avalon’s courage to share her secret visions that led her out of deep abuse to heal through forgiveness brings a whole new level of understanding to the principles of love found in A Course in Miracles. In Thank God I'm Crazy, she writes of deep self realizations that acutely mirror aspects of every person’s existence." — Gary Renard, Author of Disappearance of the Universe

    "Thank God I’m Crazy is a wonderful read and has a dramatic style that takes you from the depths into an exotic life. Through Grace’s heartbreaking story we feel our own vulnerability. Through her unwavering trust we find our own greatness.” — Lynn Andrews, Author of Medicine Woman series
    By Grace Avalon