All Peace, No Pieces

All Peace, No Pieces
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    Subtitle: A Course in Miracles Take on "the World"

    Author Jackie Lora Jones has questioned the chaotic nature of “the world” all her life. After practicing many of the self-help movement’s best methods and experiencing some temporary benefits, she was still left unsatisfied. A Course in Miracles helped her “put the puzzle pieces together” where she learned about the mind’s power and its role in making up an illusory world. In Book One of The Wisdom Series™ Jackie shares why permanent peace and happiness cannot come from anything external. She shares how she turned the tables on the ego (false self) and her awakening process for remembering our perfect Oneness in Heaven (true Self). In Reality, we are all One—we are All Peace No Pieces.
    "This spiritual book by Jackie Lora-Jones is not only well written, but is totally uncompromising on its message about the spiritual masterpiece this book is about, A Course in Miracles. Jackie not only shares many of the Course’s definitive, hardcore statements in proper context, but discuses how to achieve, in a very practical way, the goal the aforementioned Course book offers which is done through a non-traditional form of forgiveness also known as true forgiveness. Jackie says, “You can practice true forgiveness in any job at any place, and at any time. It is not our function to point out the ego in others and police the universe. It is our job to wake up from our dream that there is a universe.”" — Mike Lemieux, Author of Dude, Where's My Jesus Fish?

    "I don't write many glowing reviews, but this book deserves every compliment it receives. I enjoy reading authors who offer help to A Course in Miracles students, and usually I can find helpful concepts or encouragement from them, but Jackie Lora Jones' book belongs in another category. Her approach to the Course is simple yet totally uncompromising. She exudes a mixture of authority and humility that reminded me of Dr. Ken Wapnick's work (which she refers to several times). A Course in Miracles students of all levels of learning will benefit greatly from Jones' very loving and encouraging book. I'm so glad this is the first of a series, we truly need more like this!” — Don White

    "Jackie communicates profound truth with a gentle simplicity in this treasure of a book! Right from the beginning, she answers questions that seem unanswerable: such as, 'How did we get here?' and 'Why is the world insane?' I also found her practical advice on how to maintain guilt-free relationships to be particularly useful! I challenge anyone to read this book and not experience a major shift in perception from chaos to peace.” — Dr. Dana
    By Jackie Lora Jones