Write, Beloved, Write

Write, Beloved, Write
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    Full Title: Write, Beloved, Write: The Living Breathing Poetry and God

    Who does not long for a direct experience of God? Request it sincerely, desire it deeply and wait with patient expectation… He comes. The Voice for God ceaselessly whispers loving thoughts to our authentic Self. We receive His Word as we learn to quiet the mind and softly search our hearts.  
    Write, Beloved, Write is an inspired book. MaryBeth Scalice, M.A. Ed.D. shares feelings and thoughts of Jesus. Resolute in seeking, she learns to listen, entering into communication with Divine Being. His answer to her persistent longing for God brings the awareness of her own Christ Self. Accepting His Word gives rise to joy and purpose.
    This is an uncommon love story. MaryBeth demonstrates desire transfigured and revealed not only within the heart of a human being but is God’s Own fervent Call for His Creation. His Words beseech the reader, Come to Me, reach for Me, love Me... and speak of My Reality. Page after page extends His Reality and Love for humanity.
    A key theme throughout the teachings is accessibility. Jesus seeks an invitation to walk with us that we may be led out of fear and doubt. He establishes steps for self-forgiveness drawing us close to the Father and Spirit. He opens the mind to the unlimited possibilities of a Christ-awakened Life. 
    Inner exploration brings elegant insights on vision, grace, hope, trust, mercy, purity, and light. Truth moves from chapter to chapter like a gently cresting wave increasing memory of self as child of God. Here the alchemy of human and Divine, heart and Spirit births the return of Christ in our hearts and on earth.
    By Marybeth and Jesus