The Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves

The Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves
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    Subtitle: A And How to Stop Living Them

    The ego — the fear-soaked part of our minds — is happiest when we listen and do everything it asks, even when it doesn't make sense. Spiritual growth actually depends on listening to the ego, but only so we can learn not to do what it suggests. The ten ego lies documented in this book range from the idea that there is only one person who will complete us to idea that we need to "win" by holding on to grudges the longest. Using humor and a solid base of academic and practical knowledge, "Dr. Dana" Marrocco helps readers gently undo the lies we all tell ourselves.
    "Open this book, begin to read, and see if you can't find the truth, which will make you free. According to A Course in Miracles, we do not perceive our own best interests and need clarity to better understand what those interests are. This is an overall theme in Dr. Dana's conscientiously written book, reinforcing the practice of looking inward with total honesty to experience the happiness we deserve." — Jon Mundy, PhD, Author of Living A Course in Miracles

    "One of the keys to happiness is remembering to laugh, and Dr. Dana reminds us frequently of how to do that in The Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves. She's not just joking around, though, because she knows her stuff. She connects the most important principles of A Course in Miracles to her knowledge of psychology and then makes it clear that she's really used both in her own life. After this book, lying to myself won't be such a big deal anymore!" — Rev. Maria Felipe, Author of Live Your Happy

    "The Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves is a humorous look at the upside-down, fearful thought system of the ego part of our mind. By exposing our most common but not-so-obvious beliefs, this book will help you shift your mind to a right-side-up way of thinking, thereby freeing your mind from fear and setting you on a path of peace. The exercises throughout facilitate this awakening, and the twenty-four-hour challenges are brilliant!” — Corinne Zupko, EdS, Author of From Anxiety to Love
    By Dr. Dana Marrocco