From Anxiety to Love

From Anxiety to Love
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    Subtitle: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear an Finding Lasting Peace

    Author Corinne Zupko undertook her study of psychology out of necessity when debilitating anxiety threatened to derail her life. Seeking ways to do more than temporarily alleviate her symptoms, Corinne began to study A Course in Miracles (ACIM), mindfulness meditation, and the latest therapeutic approaches for treating anxiety. In From Anxiety to Love, she shares what she learned and gently guides you through the process, helping you undo anxiety-based thinking and fostering mindful shifts in your thoughts and actions. Whether struggling with everyday stress or near-crippling discomfort, you will find that Corinne’s approach offers a new way of healing from — rather than just coping with — fear and anxiety.
    "Corinne Zupko brings a fresh point of view to understanding how to deal with debilitating anxiety in this exceptional book. The wisdom she has gained through her own experience will be invaluable to anyone struggling with chronic worry, panic attacks, and everything in between. Corinne’s is a wise, humble, trustworthy voice." — Amy Torres, Author of Sweet Dreams of Awakening

    "Corinne Zupko exposes humanity’s single greatest addiction — fear. But unlike most Band-Aid remedies prescribed for this epidemic, she reveals the rarely recognized source of all fear so it can finally be seen and healed. From Anxiety to Love skillfully demystifies anxiety. It offers a wealth of practical lessons, insights, and exercises that guide us out of the debilitating darkness of self-doubt and into the radiant light of self-love.” — Nouk Sanchez, Author of The End of Death
    By Corinne Zupko, EdS, LPC