Loving You to the Moon and Back

Loving You to the Moon and Back
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    Full Title: Loving You to the Moon and Back: How to Transform Your Life Into HAPPY

    Do you want deep love in your life that will be never-changing? Have you realized yet that the only person who will never leave you is yourself?

    Then look no further. In Loving You to the Moon and Back, Barbara Weber explores and illuminates the secrets to learning to love yourself. Only when we love ourselves are we truly capable of loving others and bringing love into all areas of our lives. But loving ourselves is not always easy. Sometimes we want to play the victim. Sometimes we let others make us doubt our self-worth. Barbara reveals that we can change that by switching from a sole perspective to a soul perspective.

    Drawing upon A Course in Miracles and some of the greatest thinkers of all time, Barbara creates a new perspective for her readers, complete with love and purpose. Happiness and a meaningful life await you when you learn to love yourself to the moon and back, and that love can begin by reading this book.
    Barbara Weber has written a terrific book that is transformational, practical, and personal. In Love You to the Moon and Back, Barbara distills the best of her life long spiritual and personal growth work, into one easy accessible piece. My god, is there a personal growth book she doesn’t quote and reference in this work? I can’t think of one. She is a long time A Course in Miracles student who I’ve known for years as an always engaged and joyful presence. The first 24 chapters in the book are arranged by subject, and each concludes with two simple writing exercises that will definitely move a person far along on their own life path. The final Chapter 25, contains an intensely personal story about the loss of one of her young adult children, and how she went through it, coped, and led the family. She saved the best for last! “Yes” Barbara, I too love Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay — and of course I remember The Beverly Hillbillies! You are as lovable as Elly May Clampett. — Rev. Tony Ponticello, Executive Minister and Co-Founder of Community Miracles Center.

    Despite all our technological achievements and comforts, a lack of fulfillment is epidemic in our society. Yet all great spiritual teachers and traditions have said that we each possess an unlimited inner reservoir of abundance and happiness. If the circumstances of your life make that hard to believe, take it as a working hypothesis and explore Barbara Weber’s book for practical steps to make it a living reality. — Rick Archer, Creator and Host of Buddha at the Gas Pump

    Are you ready to get at the root of the problems in your life? Could they all stem from the fact that you don’t give yourself the self-love you deserve? Let Barbara Weber show you how to turn that around through her nurturing advice and empowering exercises. Then get ready to step into a life you’ve only dreamed about. — Patrick Snow, Public Speaker, Publishing Coach, and Author of Creating Your Own Destiny
    By Barbara Weber