I Married a Mystic

I Married a Mystic
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    I Married a Mystic— one woman's leap of faith to discover a love that never ends.

    It was a surprise to gutsy Kirsten Buxton when Jesus appeared to her, announcing he would be her guide. At twenty-seven years of age, a serious bike accident had left her physically, psychologically, and emotionally devastated, with no control over her life. Having had no previous relationship with Jesus, she began studying A Course in Miracles, and developing trust in the Spirit within. Miraculously, world-renowned teacher of A Course in Miracles, David Hoffmeister, visited her hometown. Jesus told Kirsten to trust this man completely in order to experience a relationship like no other. Her courageous acceptance of this guidance opened her heart and mind in ways she never could have imagined.

    Throughout this diary of radical self-inquiry, Kirsten candidly exposes her fears, projections, and private thoughts whilst on an epic adventure of holy relationship with a tirelessly happy mystic! A must read for those seeking to intimately apply non-dual spiritual teachings in every aspect of daily experience: in the bedroom, the bathroom, and even the supermarket.

    This profound and often humorous account is literally a how-to guide for awakening.
    “I’ll first just say, WOW! What a wonderfully insightful and deeply spiritual adventure author Kirsten Buxton takes us on in her book, I Married a Mystic. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, cover to cover. What a rare treat! This is more than a book really – it’s a gift – a gift of love from one of us to all of us. Whether readers have experienced the awareness of a full spiritual awakening or not – they will have an opportunity here to walk through, first-hand, the deepest of insights as if they had. Readers are given a priceless “inside” view, into something like a play-by-play narrative of a period in the author’s journey the led to complete, uncompromising love and total forgiveness... Freedom; into an experience that may very well lead readers the ‘rest of the way’ themselves if that is their heart’s desire.I highly recommend this book as essential reading for anyone committed to a spiritual path, as well as all student of A Course in Miracles.” — Patrick Darling, Author, speaker and coach
    “Wonderful! Easy read. Kirsten let's us look into a piece of her life's journey with honesty. As an ACIM student I appreciate the fact that even though she spent a lot of time in the presence of one of the Course's foremost teacher, David Hoffmeister, she still had her struggles with her forgiveness lessons. This book explains the true meaning of the "Holy Relationship".” — Robert A. Schulte