Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light

Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light
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    How does one describe the indescribable? With trust, the words will come to paint a faint image of that which lives and dwells in us all. This is a true story of a blessed life that through a series of events went to a dark place of abusive relationships and drug addiction, until one night while sitting in a car, Sharon Kay Casey's path changed forever, when she heard God’s voice say, “Trust me.” A few years later she entered a place of golden light. “When stillness comes flowing over like a well springing from the depths of our being… We see your face, faint at first then brilliantly shining with many lights brighter than the sun itself. We witness the universe moving within you, swirling slowly, then like a spiraling vortex with lights of many colors like precious stones of unspeakable brilliance. Within your being, surely all the heavens dwell. Beams of lightning extend from your head and we your Children of Light stand in awe and wonder.”
    "Ms. Casey has produced an inspiring account of her transformative union with our creator. I loved her comment that our EGO is everything that we are NOT! Good to know! Her journey with the Eternal will require a re-read since, as she herself acknowledged, there are truly no known words to adequately describe it. She did extremely well with the words that are available, however. Since reading her account, I have gained new insight into the Bible verses in my daily study that have to do with life after death. I will give this book to friends who can use a reminder that Time is something to pass through till we make our way HOME again." — S.K. Wakley
    "I have read a lot of books on the subject that Sharon's book covers, but none of them have ever told it from the view point of having been in a dream. I found this fascinating. I enjoyed her book very much, It was hard to put down, I was so happy that her life turned around, and I found myself thinking a lot about my sister who continues to live in a similar hell and may never get herself out. I admired her strong connection to church and how she realized it when she became older, when she identified with her younger self in confession and how God had watched over her all of her life. I would recommend this book to anyone. Thank you Sharon for a great read." —Mark Binkley
    Author: Sharon Kay Casey