Unity and A Course in Miracles

Unity and A Course in Miracles
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    Subtitle: Understanding Their Common Path to Spiritual Awakening

    Unity and A Course in Miracles emphasizes the similarities and distinctions of their strikingly similar non-dualistic, love-based teachings. Those studying one or both metaphysical teachings will find a comparison that unites the two demonstrating how they work together. Those curious about Unity or A Course in Miracles will find many of their questions answered. In comparing and contrasting the two, you will find the teachings integrate and empower each path to form a common understanding of our True Nature — Love.
    "This book presents a brilliant, well-researched comparison of two profound and helpful approaches to understanding our spiritual identity and reality. I have long believed that Unity and A Course in Miracles were born of the same stream of consciousness. This book has already found a home on my personal reference bookshelf" — Rev. Chris Jackson, Senior Minister; Unity of Miami
    "Our thanks to Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck and Rev. Bill Heller for producing this brilliant book. Unity teaching and the teachings of A Course in Miracles are so much alike, it's a wonder that no one, up to now, has taken the time to point out all the amazing similarities in one book. It all comes down to one simple realization — the truth is true. Nothing else matters. Nothing else is real." —Rev. Jon Mundy, Ph.D., author of Living a Course in Miracles.
    Author: William M. Heller and Paul Hasselbeck