To Heaven and Back

To Heaven and Back
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    Full Title: To Heaven and Back: A Reporter's Journey in Two Worlds
    "A spiritual tour de force... As a recovering reporter myself, I especially appreciate Jean Pope's honesty and clarity in recalling an extraordinary set of adventures in real and unreal worlds." — D. Patrick Miller, author of Understanding A Course in Miracles
    For twenty-eight years, I told only two people about my experience of Heaven. Not because I doubted what had happened to me, but because I did not want to incur disbelief, distrust and ridicule, or all three.... I visited Heaven without a ritual, without chanting or meditation, without swallowing a holy wafer, or being purified by a shaman in a sweat lodge. I just... went there... (Excerpt from page 3)

    By Rev. Jean Pope PhD
    Whether interviewing the Beatles, dodging the penalties of a repressive regime or getting in trouble in Afghanistan, Jean Pope PhD has led an interesting and colorful life. In the pause between two careers as writer and psychotherapist, the author encountered her greatest adventure — an unexpected trip to Heaven — which changed the script for the rest of her life.
    Jean recently embarked on another career, that of an ordained minister affiliated with the Community Miracles Center in San Francisco, which teaches the principles of A Course In Miracles.