A Simple Life

A Simple Life
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    A Simple Life brings warmth, love and happiness into our lives. It releases us from stress and turmoil. It eases our journey through life and gives us peace and contentment. Simplicity leads to inner wisdom and liberates time. Simplicity is a journey; sometimes it is easy and smooth and sometimes difficult and turbulent. But it is always full of hope and light and companionship.

    Quotes From A Simple Life
    "Practicing simplicity means letting go of conflict and confrontation."

    "Change is a matter of decision."

    "Beliefs, for better or worse, have a profound effect on our health. …Our thoughts and beliefs reflect life back to us. …By changing our beliefs, we change our world. …If we decide to change our lives and choose happiness, the universe cooperates with us and sends happy experiences our way."

    "Love is not some impossible-to-attain saintly emotion, but a practical way of living life. …It may be asked what can love produce that is meaningful to man. In the individual case, man values his life so long as he finds meaning and purpose in it. Part of that meaning comes from expressing and receiving love."

    "The experience of truth leaves us with a residue of peace and harmony."
    By Sal Dossani

    *Author Rev. Sal Dossani, a dearly admired patron of the ACIM Community, and dedicated Community Miracles Center Minister credits his inspiration:
    An unwavering search for meaning over the decades led to the exploration of various spiritualities. The Sufi teachings of Idries Shah were studied, along with Theosophy, the teachings of Seth, Daskalos, Adyashanti, Omar Ali-Shah, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, A Course in Miracles, and finally the teachings of Dr. David Hawkins. Along the way courses in self-improvement, meditation, and inner change work were undertaken, and the upheavals and turbulence that most spiritual seekers go through were experienced. This process led to a laying down of a foundation of knowledge, on which to build and understand.